Aluminum Component Dropdeck GREEN/BLACK


Product Description

This is where Inspiration meets evolution!  Its low center of gravity makes its carving motion feel like cruising down a fresh powdery snow slope or cutting along a clean faced swell.  Solid construction as a hybrid between aluminum and metal gives it the sturdiness of a tank, feeling like you’re on a magic carpet more so than wheels. It is an exhilarating heart pumping board to ride, yet with its weight and center of gravity, speed and stability meet in harmony. Intentional design integration makes it upgradeable and customizable.   This is a one of a kind board that will last a lifetime and can be evolved, tweaked, accessorized and upgraded to meet every rider’s needs and dreams!


  • PRODUCTION: All parts are milled on CNC machines that are military spec
  • BOARD TYPE: Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum 6061
  • COLOR: GREEN Wood Inserts
  • RIDING STYLE: Down Hill, Drop Deck, Long-Distance,Dancing, Commuting
  • TRUCKS: GREEN Paris 5o degree 180mm Trucks
  • BUSHINGS: Divine 90a Urethane bushing formula for ultimate rebound and vibration dampening
  • WHEELS: BLACK Divine 75mm / 82a Road Rippers
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 43.75 inches
  • WHEEL BASE: 38.25 inches
  • WIDTH: 9.5 inches
  • DROP: 0.75 inches
  • WEIGHT: 15 lb
  • DESIGN FUNCTION:  carrying handles, grip slots, zero wheel bite integration, interchangeable components


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