Board Identification Number BIN#


Is an proprietary numbering system that Inspiration Longboards created to add a level of quality control by creating a reference point for process and materials used in the production process. While at the same time adding a level of security by associating customers basic info to a unique BIN#.


Each unique Board Identification Number (BIN) is permanently laser engraved into the bottom side of each deck. This Board Identification Number identifies and outlines the production method, specific materials used, born on date, level of stiffness, flex, camber, concavity, veneer species, artwork applied, color combination, and factory mounted hardware.


In the event that your board was involved in a theft or simply misplaced, upon recovery of your board your unique Board Identification Number (BIN) will help identify your board to officials in a question of ownership. Your registered BIN# well act as proof of ownership, and upon request Inspiration Longboards can verify that the information is true and correct.


If you have purchased or plan on investing in one of our Premium Longboards, Inspiration Longboards highly recommends that you register your BIN# with us. This will insure that the ownership has been noted.  If you have any question feel free to drop us a line, and we will be glad to answer them.


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