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Inspiration Longboards™ bamboo core decks are composite construction and pressed with precision CNC machined molds. Our Bamboo Longboards are constructed from leading materials from multiple sports and manufacturing industries. The Inspiration Longboard™ team has taken the best materials and supplies from industries that demand performance to endure the stresses of nature’s elements and riders’ demands. Our layup stage is crucial to the board’s integrity, the stack is then pressed in a custom built pneumatic board press. High end marine grade resins promise strong bonds in all climates under extreme stressed conditions.

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Inspiration Longboards™ bamboo core decks are all precision CNC machine cut to meet the highest quality and industry standards. Our Bamboo Longboards are comprised of a combination of vertically laminated bamboo, Canadian maple, tri-axel fiberglass, eco-friendly resin, and premium wood veneers . The Bamboo Longboards are then finished off with topside graphics and custom clear grip and bottom side graphics to match. Another key safety feature we would like to point out is our “ZERO WHEEL BITE”, this will keep you safe when dancing or flying down hill at high speeds. This collection of Bamboo Longboards all feature drop thru trucks, grab handles, locking capabilities, and personal BIN# for your security.